The farm Alessandra s.r.l. is located in the heart of beautiful Acciaroli, the crown jewel of the coast of Cilento, surrounded by the spectacular archaeological sites of Velia and Paestum. The company is a large property overlooking the blue Acciarolian Sea which for the last 20 years has boasted a ‘Blue Flag’ recognition from the EU and the ‘5 Sails of Legambiente’ for the superior quality of its waters and its beaches. With a magnificent 360 degree view from which you can admire Capri, Palinuro, Marina di Camerota and further up the Calabrian coast. It’s in this place full of beautiful landscapes and untouched nature that Alessandra Di Pace, a young businesswoman in her early thirties, has established her farm Alessandra Srl. A lush estate of more than five hectares in the heart of the Mediterranean where you can enjoy the beauty, and taste the quality of the produce. All are available for purchase to take home and share with your family and friends. It’s a place specifically dedicated to those looking for a little haven that co-exists peacefully and in harmony with nature.

The structure, built according to the guidelines of a Green – Passive House provides comfort and a host of services for its guests, including a large Jacuzzi, and a wellness area with vinoteripia.

Our philosophy favours sustainable agricultural and processing methods of the crops and produces all in the most traditional way possible, all the while fully respecting the environment. This is how we guarantee the quality and authenticity of our top notch products.

Passion, quality and sustainability are the three essential values that have made the products of the farm known and consumed not only in Italy but also in many European countries.


The Taste
warm and
of our country.



IGP Paestum Primitivo


Our wine “Cala Mona” is produced in accordance with traditional and environmentally sustainable methods and the harvesting of the grapes, and the processing and bottling of the wine are ‘Certified Organic’.

The soil of Acciaroli has a unique structure full of limestone, and has significantly lower PH which is extremely suitable for the cultivation of “Primitive” grapes. The harvest is all done by hand at the end of August and the grapes are immediately picked and placed in fermenting yeast, then pressed in a hand press.
The wine is left to raise for three years in oak barrels and one year in glass bottles, in temperatures constantly monitored to prevent them from being altered in taste or properties.

Storage in oak barrels rounds out the tannins resulting in a very drinkable wine.
The presence of wild plants in the vineyard, such as the Arbutus and Nepitella, enriches the flavour and Mediterranean influences.
The end result is the production of a limited selection of excellent wines.

Balance, taste and nature leads you to the pleasure of enjoying a true product, a “child of the land of Cilento”. Surprisingly soft and balanced, suited to the palate.

Guaranteed by the Ministry of
Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies
under Article 10 of Reg. (CE) n 510/2006

Biological Wine
Control Bureau of MIPAAF
IT BIO 012

Agriculure Italy
Control operator n°953


your food
with this subtle,
Unique Taste.
Flavours of the soil



Cilento DOP


Extra virgin oil of a superior quality
cultivated from green olives creating a full and determined yet subtle flavour.

The oil Cala Mona is produced by Alessandra s.r.l. and is obtained from more than 400 Monocultivar Olive Trees. All 100% Salella Variety which is native to Cilento.

Our method of washing and cold pressing is undertaken with the maximum respect and the minimum impact on the environment bestowing a high quality, organic finished product which is indispensible for enhancing a healthy diet and enhancing the flavour of your food.

The olives are harvested in mid-September by hand, with only the help of combs, when they are still green.
The result is a product with a stronger taste and lower acidity while preserving the important organoleptic properties also rich in polyphenols that make it an oil of great value and quality.

The business philosophy of Alessandra srl favors sustainable agriculture: washing, crushing and mechanical cold pressing refer to a working eco, leading to the creation of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Organic Certification.

The early harvest, while it sacrifices the amount of fruit, produces better quality and allows you to avoid various types of diseases.

Passion, authenticity and goodness: rediscover the value of health and flavour by choosing this Limited Selection of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Cala Mona”!

Guaranteed by the Ministry of
Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies
under Article 10 of Reg. (CE) n 510/2006

Biological Wine
Control Bureau of MIPAAF
IT BIO 012
Control operator n°953

Denomination of Protected Origin

dop cilento


The Acciaroli Land



Where we are

Contrada Calamona | Pollica (SA)



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